Campaign Overview

Campaign overview

Operation: Gamma is an alternate reality, post-apocalyptic game, set in the near future. It is considered an “alternate reality” due to some of the unique game-world changes. There have been many advances in technology in this world (power armor, laser weapons, etc…), and some things in the world are more primitive than in the real world. Operation: Gamma is very similar to Deadlands, only without the ghost rock and arcane backgrounds. Radiation has had some unforeseen effects, mainly in the form of mutations and some species modifications. The major changes to the rules will be covered in the Rules Changes wiki.

Operation: Gamma draws its influence from many sources. Deadlands: Hell on Earth, Fallout 3, The Morrow Project, Twilight 2000, Gamma World, and Aftermath, just to name a few. The best way to describe the game world would be to say that we’re playing The Morrow Project with a Fallout 3 theme, using most of the rules from Deadlands: Hell on Earth.

Campaign World History
In 1966, Operation: Gamma was founded. It was created in secret and its goal was to provide for a continuity of civilization in the event of a global catastrophe (such as a nuclear war). At its inception, Operation: Gamma had very few personnel and less than a half-dozen primitive bunkers. Over the years, many fantastic upgrades were provided. Breakthroughs in technology allowed for more advanced bases and bunkers to be built, many of them very far underground.

Each candidate was screened and monitored in secret, before being approached and recruited. Once sworn to secrecy, each candidate was made aware of the fact that they could be placed in cryo and shipped to an unknown base at a moment’s notice (many prayed the would not wind up in one of the Antarctic bases). Drills to this effect were often held, not only to test the training of the members, but to make sure the cryo process was safe.

The plan for all Operation: Gamma soldiers was to have them emerge from cryo a set time after a crisis (200 years in the event of a nuclear war), and to follow specific guidelines to help them restore/rebuild civilization.

In the summer of 2026, China declared war upon the U.S. and launched a surprise assault into Alaskan territory. Completely overwhelming the defenses in a matter of days, they quickly spread inland and also began launching more amphibious assaults along west-coast targets to keep the U.S. defenses static. It was feared that to keep the Chinese from gaining further territory, nuclear arsenals would be deployed. All Gamma teams were ordered into stasis. This was not a drill.

At the beginning of the campaign, the team will have just emerged from cryo and will be unfamiliar with local terrain and events. Part of their mission directives will be to establish communications with locals and help rebuild society. More details into the workings of the Gamma Teams will be covered in the Gamma Team Breakdown wiki.

The Gamma base and initial assignments are still a work in progress. This page will be updated as information becomes available.

Campaign Overview

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