Character Creation

Character creation

Due to the unique changes made to the rules for this campaign, certain modifications to the character creation process had to be made. The steps of creating a character are outlined below.

One: Concept
The first step in making your hero is to have some kind of idea who you want your hero to be. You should also discuss with the other players what team each of your characters will belong to. Decide who will be team leader, second in command, etc.

Two: Traits
This phase is as normal (deal yourself 12 cards and keep 10 of them – including 2s and jokers). You may deal yourself 2 hands and keep the one you like best. If, when dealing yourself a hand, the total die-types for the 10 cards you keep come up less than 75, you may reshuffle and redraw that hand. This is to represent the fact that the recruiters for Operation: Gamma only selected the fittest candidates.

Three: Aptitudes
This step is unchanged (except for some of the unique skill modifications). Remember that you gain basic skills (main rulebook, page 30).

Four: Hindrances
Your brainer may select up to 10 points of hindrances. Hindrances gained for free (such as the doubting Thomas and obligation hindrances for being a Gamma Team member do not count towards this limit). You may, of course, select more than 10 points of hindrances, but you will only gain up to 10 aptitude points (total) for them. See the Rules Changes wiki for any modifications to hindrances.

WinterFive: Edges
Your hero must purchase the Background: Operation Gamma Soldier edge (5 points). Limitations to what edges are available, as well as modifications to existing edges, are detailed in the Rules Changes wiki.

Six: Background
These are minor details such as height, weight, etc… You can detail in as much of your hero’s pre-war background as you like.

Seven: Gear
Gear acquisition is as normal, with the in-book prices. Characters may also keep some cash on hand if they like. In the wasteland, however, almost everything is bartered for since there is no longer any sustainable form of currency. Many settlements have instituted their own form of currency, but for beginning characters it is advisable to purchase as much equipment and gear as you can.

Special Considerations
While the creation of your hero is entirely up to you (within the scope of the rules), there are some guidelines that would benefit each player to follow. First, try not to min/max your character. Each Gamma Team member is not only combat trained, but must also be proficient with one or more useful skills that will benefit the team in their goal of helping to rebuild and restore civilization. Certain fields may benefit from a degree of specialization (such as for a surgeon), but most players should try to make their characters well-rounded.

After completing the steps above, the player should hand over the character to the GM for final approval, in order to make sure that all of the changed rules have been followed and nothing has “slipped between the cracks.” Players who do not submit their characters for review risk “losing their jeeps” (see the Rules Changes wiki). The GM reserves the right to make “suggestions” regarding your character, but the final say still resides with the player.

Character Creation

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