There is usually only one member of a Gamma Team that is from the command field (some larger complexes have many). Command personnel must be trained in a wide variety of skills, and they must also be skilled spokesmen, politicians, and diplomats. It is their skill in these areas that will ensure cooperation with survivors. The command team color is gold.

Command team members will be the highest ranking individuals on the Gamma Team.

Command team members will also often be privy to information that the other characters are not. They will have access to many files within bunker computers as well as command-only areas.

Being a command team member does not necessarily mean that the character gets to boss the others around, it just means that the command character will often have more responsibilities than the others. Command characters should only be played by those with the willingness to frequently engage in out-of-session forum posts (both with other players and with the GM).

Recommended Skills: (These skills are recommended for command team members, but are not required.) Scrutinize, Academia, Language, Professional, Leadership, Overawe, Persuasion, and Bluff.

Examples of Commanders in fiction: James T. Kirk, Ellen Ripley, Malcolm Reynolds, Princess Leah.


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