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Welcome to Operation: Gamma, a post-apocalyptic game of survival. The characters will play as members of an elite organization hand-picked to rebuild civilization in the event of a global catastrophe. Frozen in stasis for one hundred years, they awake to a strange new world.

This is a world that has been shattered, with humanity barely hanging on to survival by its broken and jagged fingertips. Scattered survivors cling together in ragged groups, building shelter where they can, salvaging for anything to help them survive for another year. Food, water, and other basic necessities are in very short supply. The characters will be tasked not only to survive in such a world, but to also help others in rebuilding.

This is a world of lost technology. Survivors in the new world know little of the old world and the technologies that we once took for granted. Buried throughout the wasteland are devices, both mechanical and electrical, waiting to be found. Characters will always be on the lookout for anything that can make their jobs easier.

This has also become a world of magic. Energies were released in the years of apocalypse. Over the years, many people and creatures have been warped by these energies, and there are even some that have learned to harness and channel it. The characters, awakening into the new world will have no knowledge of magic and some will refuse to believe in it.

This is also a world of dark horror. Unimaginable dangers lurk just beyond the edge of the lights. From the ever-present dangers of raiders, to the mutated creatures of the wasteland, the characters will never have a shortage of foul things to defeat.

This is a world of fantastical adventure. Someone needs to protect the world from horrors magical, scientific and mundane. Someone needs to ensure that ancient, powerful artifacts don’t fall into the wrong hands. Someone needs to bring justice to those who aren’t able to protect themselves.

The player characters are that “someone.” Luckily, they are usually able to find like-minded associates to aid them in their causes. Perhaps, in the end, the odds are still stacked against them, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Home Page

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